BORN is a creative agency that specializes in artificial intelligence.

We create intelligent agents for brands that live in the largest networks in the world.

By crafting conversational personalities and interfaces capable of understanding and responding to natural language, we help our clients grow 1:1 relationships with millions of individual consumers simultaneously.

Character Design

In a conversation, the experience is primarily defined by the person you’re conversing with (or people). When that interpersonal chemistry isn’t there, conversations run short. At best.

Conversational UI

While not every situation calls for it, any time a human needs advice, assistance, encouragement, or motivation, a conversational interface may be the right solution.

A.I. Architecture

Our technologists dive deep into every existing framework, and stay on top of all emerging platforms, so that we can help you negotiate the ins-and-outs of the technology the right way: as a means to an end, and nothing more.

Behavioral Insights

By using A.I. systems that have been crafted by writers to feel like real personalities, that engage with customers on an emotional level, that can carry on conversations and not just transactions, you will capture structured, 1:1 data, on a scale of millions.

Our Founders

The brand is undergoing a paradigm shift. It's no longer a mark. It's not even a voice. It's an intelligent entity, a personality, an algorithm capable of learning.

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